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“They probably won’t charge you for it”

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You know the dreaded Monday feeling? The “something awful is going to happen today so I should just stay in bed for the next several hours” feeling? Usually, after several rounds of “just one more snooze” you realize that the only god awful, terrible thing about this Monday is going to be getting out of the bed. That’s so not the case.

My work arrival was accompanied by the sound of a drill fit to do some serious dentistry on a t-rex. We’re lucky enough to be in the midst of an office facelift, meaning heavy demolition and lots of office shuffling. At least I’m not one of the three people who are now calling the work-out room home.

I open my office door only to rediscover this mornings sense of impending doom. My thought process was a jumble of incoherent thoughts and emotions ranging from “oh shit” to “this can’t be real” to “I’m actually going to die.”

See, there was a pretty conspicuous empty space on my desk. The sad Ethernet cord was poking out from the crack in the desk, desperately searching for the connection it will never find again. My computer was gone.

The worst feeling in the world

After begging my partner to tell me this was a prank and checking all the drawers in my filing cabinet (cause, you know, someone could have strolled into my office just to stick my computer into my filing cabinet) I gave one more feeble attempt to find it and called IT to see if they picked it up. They did not.

Now, to tell the boss. I slink into his office trying to find a good spin on this situation- you know, I’m a writer. To me, small is cozy and quaint. Fried becomes deliciously crispy. I’m supposed to make anything sound good. Instead, I just get right down to it, “hypothetically, if I were to show up and my computer was gone, what would I do?” Good sport that he is replied, ” I’m assuming you didn’t hypothetically take it home?”

We made our trek down to the land of all that is technological, IT, and after they ran a mini search party, concluded that my computer was officially stolen. This is where the boss says they probably won’t charge me for it (a fear that had yet to penetrate my already panic-filled brain.)

He left me at my empty desk and told me to put my feet up, I should have a new computer in a few hours. So here I am, making my first blog post from my iPad while repeatedly kicking myself for not locking my computer down.

Hope all of your Monday’s started better than mine!


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I’m a digital copywriter at an advertising agency- think Peggy from Mad Men but remove the print ads and add a website. Between my family, friends and job I hear a lot of interesting things. I’ve decided to share them and how they inspire me on this blog. There’s no theme or goal in mind and I promise I will not update with any kind of regularity. But hopefully whatever I do put up here will be entertaining, or entertaining enough to add to the “procrastinating at work by checking every mediocre website on the internet” list.

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