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“I just feel so bad for him. That’s why I sleep with him”

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No, this is not about some band geek that only receives smiles after people notice the “kick me” sign affixed to his back. It is actually about a cat, my cat. An animal I consider to be the best living thing on this planet; a fact that others cannot seem to grasp. Hence my little sister allowing him into her bed purely out of sympathy.

And I can certainly admit he’s not a perfect cat. Yes, he occasionally hides behind things to sneak attack unsuspecting apartment visitors. And yeah, I can’t leave any paper out because he considers it an excellent snack. And maybe it’s wrong that I have be trained to subconsciously know when there aren’t enough blankets on my feet to protect them from the painful bites of midnight playtime. But I never think of these things. Even now, as I write what can only be described as a disturbing list of character traits, I glow thinking about how much I love this animal.

Who could not love this face?

I love that his nervous habit is to chew on his tongue, and that he can’t let a new box be in the apartment for more than 30 seconds without getting in it and the way he insists that I pick him up the second I get in the door. (I know, I sound like an annoying new parent that doesn’t get that Facebook was not created for them to share every burp and fart of their newborn. And I’m sorry.)  But people are crazy about their pets. I have one cousin that goes to extreme lengths to ensure that her cat does not wake her up in the middle of the night. (The idea of getting rid of the misbehaving animal is simply incomprehensible) and another who simply thinks animal 24/7. I have a friend that blogs about her home renovations and her cat has shown up in her blog almost as much as the new furniture.

What makes people feel this way about their pets? A lot of people consider them children and you’re genetically coded to think your kids shit rainbows. Maybe it’s the whole unconditional love thing. Or the fact that they’re always there for you (they can’t escape). Personally, I give a lot of weight to the fact that he never talks back. (in my head, this means he agrees with everything I’m bitching about and that I AM right no matter what other people say).

I’ll leave you with yet another pic of my adorable Oliver.

The Newest Box


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  1. Love this! I’m forwarding this to the hubby right now. We constantly fight over the question of: is it weird to consider my cat my child and is talking about myself and the hubs as “mom and dad” to the cat nonsense? His argument: you have to give birth to it for it to be your child. Ha! It’s called “adopting a pet” for a reason. Just as an adopted parent can be a mother/father to a child, the same can be applied to a pet. And THAT’S sound logic, not just me being a sickly-obsessed, call-my-cat-my-baby pet owner (which I am)! Great post!

    • Oh I know that argument. Our big one is on whether Oliver really loves me. Russ believes that animals do not have emotions. He is wrong.

      • animals have base emotions sure, fear, desire, etc. but love is a very complex emotion that requires some amount of metacognition, which all science demonstrates that most animals dont have (apes and dolphins being the general exception)

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