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Book Challenge Day 5- “A Book You can Quote/Recite”

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Okay it starts- I promised to try and keep my Augusten Burroughs/Harry Potter posts to a minimun but they will occur. So here we are with “A book you can quote/recite” and I give you:

That’s right, the whole Harry Potter series. Now, I’m much better with the early books, having read them much more in anticipation of the next book’s arrival. I’ve only read the 7th one 2 or 3 three times. I know, you’re thinking “Only?!” but I won’t get into my numbers for the rest of the series. Just know that I kick ass at Harry Potter trivia. No matter how many times I read them, I still laugh out loud in the same spots and cry with the same devastation. You would think that after a while they would be less entertaining because I know exactly what is coming next, but that is just not the case. J.K Rowling is a fantastic writer and created something so unique that you get sucked in-the fact that I’ve read the books before is not even a factor. These are truly remarkable books and the best series I’ve ever read. I started reading them when I was 13 and still have the same passion for them now that I’m 24. I don’t know many loves that have lasted 11 years with this kind of intensity. I have so much respect for J.K. Rowling that I will read everything she puts out for the rest of her life. Though, I’m kinda getting off topic as this is the “book you can quote” day and not “Your favorite series” day which I may need to swap out because I honestly don’t know what else I could day except “ready Harry Potter” over and over.

But, as far as the quoting goes, I was definitely one of “those people” who had a hard time fully appreciating the movies because I was too busy going, “that’s not the way it happened in the book!” I became so immersed in the books as a child, wishing I could be a part of the whole wizarding world, that I took in every word. Which means that now, 10 reads later, I know my stuff. I even know some of the chapter names. How many of you can, off the top of your head, name the first chapter in the first Harry Potter book? I can. And I know that’s extreme and probably unhealthy on some level. But, these books are my escape- some people have running, some people have sports, I have reading and Harry Potter just happens to be at the top of my list.

Ready for “The Most Overrated Book”?


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