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Book Challenge Day 12- A Book You’re Embarrassed to Admit You Like

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I know this is going to come as a total shock to all of you, but here it is:

Oh the horror, I know. They were written for 12-year-olds and took over the world. Every whiny, pathetic woman in the world started waiting for their very own Edward to pop out of the woodwork and spice up their boring lives. I hate to admit that I got sucked in, but I did. No, I don’t think these are incredible works of fiction. Nor do I believe that you can take anything away from them except a subtle hint of self-loathing. But, they are entertaining and  an excellent “fluff” read in between books of substance. And, just as an FYI, I was never one of the deluded girls dreaming about a controlling vampire whisking me away from my mundane life… I had my eyes on the sexy werewolf.


About Jaclyn

I’m a digital copywriter at an advertising agency- think Peggy from Mad Men but remove the print ads and add a website. Between my family, friends and job I hear a lot of interesting things. I’ve decided to share them and how they inspire me on this blog. There’s no theme or goal in mind and I promise I will not update with any kind of regularity. But hopefully whatever I do put up here will be entertaining, or entertaining enough to add to the “procrastinating at work by checking every mediocre website on the internet” list.

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  1. Haha, totally judging you anyway!


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