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Book Challenge Day 14- The Book You’ve Read The Most Number of Times

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As promised, here’s your next does of “Jaclyn has an unhealthy attitude toward Harry Potter” coming to you in the form of the book I’ve read the most number of times. The clear winner is:

And when I say “clear winner” imagine Michael Phelps and Danny Devito racing a pool length. I truly don’t know how many times I’ve read this book, but it was enough to notice every line of the movie that was not a direct quote from the book. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s somewhere between 15 and 20 times. Disgusting, I know. But, when I was in school I didn’t read a whole lot for fun. I always felt guilty reading for fun when I had so much reading I should have been doing for classes. So when I did decide to read, it was usually last minute and because I just really needed a break. And when I really needed some comfort reading, I turned to my favorite people- that is the people in the world of Harry Potter.  Why the third book you ask? It is the only book that doesn’t feature Voldemort (I don’t think that’s really a factor in my decision, but just an interesting factoid).  All of the books have great twist endings that come after a beautiful build-up of suspense. But, I think this one just does it best. I won’t go into details in case you haven’t read it. Though if you haven’t, there is severe judgement coming at you from over here.  With all the books, once I hit a certain point I was unable to stop. Like no food, no sleep, no interacting with other human beings. When I read this one, I hit that point much earlier and was so enthralled I bet a car could have driven through my house and would not have affected my reading.


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I’m a digital copywriter at an advertising agency- think Peggy from Mad Men but remove the print ads and add a website. Between my family, friends and job I hear a lot of interesting things. I’ve decided to share them and how they inspire me on this blog. There’s no theme or goal in mind and I promise I will not update with any kind of regularity. But hopefully whatever I do put up here will be entertaining, or entertaining enough to add to the “procrastinating at work by checking every mediocre website on the internet” list.

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