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Book Challenge Day 19- Last Book You Read

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The last book I read was:

I’m not gonna lie, it took me a significant amount of reading to get into this book. I was practically forcing myself to read the first 100 pages. It’s about an extreme climber who, after a near-death experience, decided to dedicate his life to building schools for  poor towns in Pakistan. A great story, but really difficult to get into. There was a lot of information about climbs, climbers and mountains that I just had no interest in. I would just be getting into the story when there would be a two-page break to discuss the first climbing expedition that attempted a nearby wall. Just wasn’t working for me. But suddenly, I was hooked. I was able to skate over the climb-related pages and really immerse myself into the story. Definitely worth a read.


About Jaclyn

I’m a digital copywriter at an advertising agency- think Peggy from Mad Men but remove the print ads and add a website. Between my family, friends and job I hear a lot of interesting things. I’ve decided to share them and how they inspire me on this blog. There’s no theme or goal in mind and I promise I will not update with any kind of regularity. But hopefully whatever I do put up here will be entertaining, or entertaining enough to add to the “procrastinating at work by checking every mediocre website on the internet” list.

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