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Book Challenge Day 23- Favorite Male Character

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By now you know how I feel about “favorite” posts and you’re well aware of my desire to keep new blood in the mix when it comes to these posts. So I will refrain from listing any Harry Potter characters as my favorites and will not write about Will from About a Boy even though I think he’s fabulous since I’ve already written plenty about them. So, moving down the list of male characters that I’ve fallen in love with over the years I felt that Gandalf from The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings deserved some major time in the spotlight.



He’s serious, witty, unbelievable intelligent, unpredictable, caring, brave, the list goes on and on. Bottom line? You will fall in love. Yes, I’m aware that he’s an old man- this love was not akin to that of my Legolas/Aragorn obsession. He’s just an unbelievably good character.  I remember when the first major death of the series happened (I will not spoil it for those crazies who have not read the books) I had a complete panic attack and refused to continue reading the series until I had my Dad’s assurance that Gandalf survived all the books. I just couldn’t bear the thought of losing him. He was the glue that kept the whole fellowship together- the only one who really seemed to know what was going on, their only hope for success. I’m sure many would argue this point and I am most definitely not trying to detract from the importance of any of the other characters. Just simply saying Gandalf is the shit. End of story.


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