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Book Challenge Day 29- The Book That Made You Fall In Love With Reading

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Let me present you with the book that made me fall in love with reading:


Not just Little House on the Praire, but the whole Laura Ingalls Wilder series got my heart thumping. These books actually made me wish I was a pioneer girl. I don’t know how old I was when I first read Little House on The Prairie but I do know that as soon as I did, I needed the entire set. Instantly. My family (I believe it was my grandmother) obliged and I could not be bothered for days. I ate only when my presence was demanded and spent the whole meal hounding my mother about why we couldn’t be more pioneering. I wanted to make my own cheese and start sewing my clothing. My desire to do these things was only surpassed by my desire to finish reading the series. I had never been so affected by books and I absolutely loved the feeling. I’ve spent the rest of my life searching for that feeling again and adoring every time I come across it.


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I’m a digital copywriter at an advertising agency- think Peggy from Mad Men but remove the print ads and add a website. Between my family, friends and job I hear a lot of interesting things. I’ve decided to share them and how they inspire me on this blog. There’s no theme or goal in mind and I promise I will not update with any kind of regularity. But hopefully whatever I do put up here will be entertaining, or entertaining enough to add to the “procrastinating at work by checking every mediocre website on the internet” list.

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