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Book vs Movie: ‘The Hunger Games’

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You already know how I felt about ‘The Hunger Games’ (If you don’t, and are just dying to, read this) so I won’t go into too much detail about the book here. Let’s just say that I was immensely impressed with this book.

Which means, that while I was unbelievably excited about this movie (think 12- year old girl waiting to meet Justin Bieber) I was also very skeptical about it’s ability to please me. But I have to admit; they did a damn good job on this movie. Sure, it wasn’t exactly like the book. But I think they represented most of the characters well, kept all of the major plot points and were great with a lot of the details. I don’t think I said “Ugh, that’s so not how they did it in the book” once.

My issues? Mostly character related. Haymich was far more likable in the movie than the book (though I can’t complain about this too much cause I really enjoyed his character in the movie). My biggest issue was with Peeta. I am, always have been, and always will be a Gale fan. But, in the book, I could at least see why Catniss had some interest in Peeta. He was far too much of a pansy for my liking, but he was sweet. However, in the movie, he was the biggest, whiniest sap and so solidified my distaste for the character overall. Truly, he was not attractive (side note: did you SEE Gale? Yum!) and he became super obsessed with Catniss far too quickly and was just whiny. Did I mention I disliked how whiny he was?

Other than the above, I only missed a few small details, but I understood why they were left out. Read: The final scene on the cornucopia- a large detail was left out to save all the children watching this movie from nightmare for a month. And I get that. Overall, I was so impressed with this movie that I saw it twice in theaters. I would definitely recommend it.


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