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Book vs Movie “The Secret Life of Bees”

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I’ve told you all how I felt about “The Secret Life of Bees.” But, if you weren’t simply glued to you chair over the month of August impatiently awaiting my next blog post and happened to miss that one (how could you!) it’s not too late. You can read my thoughts about this fabulous book here. If you are a dedicated reader, thank you, and also, you probably remember that this book was a wonderful surprise to me. I avoided it for quite some time (despite fantastic reviews and a nagging feeling that I should pick it up) due to it’s horrendous back-cover description. But it was wonderful!

I finally got around to watching the movie last week and I was actually quite impressed. Again, it wasn’t perfect. But I think they did a solid job of re-creating the book. I was, however, very thrown off by some of the casting choices. While I do think Jennifer Hudson’s a fantastic actress, she was waaaay to young for the Rosaleen in my head. Maybe the book doesn’t actually specify her age (I have returned my borrowed copy so I can’t verify) but I pictured this woman to be middle aged and cranky/spunky (Think Minny from “The Help”) Jennifer Hudson was just wrong and it was quite difficult for me to get over that. But, all the actors did a fabulous job and it’s worth a watch.


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